You’re sitting on your couch, curled up in front of the TV with a nice blanket. The weather has just cooled down to the point where the AC doesn’t need to be on during the day and there is a slight chill in the evenings. It’s firewood season. Time to call Woodchuck Delivery. Before you know it, you will have a nice stack of firewood delivered right to your door and a fire in your fireplace. But there was a long process  before that wood arrived at your home. That wood came from somewhere. At Woodchuck Delivery, we are proud to do our own harvesting and processing of our product. From start to finish, we pay meticulous detail to each step involved in getting you the perfect firewood for your needs.


The first part in our harvesting process involves identifying the tree. We specialize in hardwoods, local to the Bastrop and greater Austin area. These woods include Post Oak, Mesquite, Pecan and Hickory. While in the woods, our lumberjacks only look for dead trees, ready to be cut down. This makes our operation completely sustainable, as we do not cut down any “green” or living trees. The trees that we choose are free from any diseases such as oak wilt, as well as wood boring insects. After choosing the tree, we use our chainsaws to cut it down at the base and then delimb it. We are left with a nice, long, smooth trunk.  Our team inspects the tree for damage, such as rot. Anything that does not meet our high standards is cast aside. We then divide the tree up into “biscuits”, or small logs, to then be taken back to our wood lot to undergo further processing.


The next step the process is seasoning the wood. Our wood is “seasoned”, meaning that it has sat out in the elements for a period of time. It is exposed to the elements and drys out naturally so that the moisture content in the wood reduces. This makes it nice and easily burnable. Good firewood ignites easily, and burns long and hot. After the firewood is seasoned, we then hand split every log. We pride ourselves in splitting exactly to meet the needs of the customer. While some individuals want large, bulky pieces for grilling or smoking, others want the tiniest split wood, perfect for chimineas or pizza ovens.


We stack our wood to meet a specific volume and then heads on it’s way to your home or restaurant. Before your wood arrives, you will receive a text message linking to our Uber-style app, where you can call, text and track our driver in real time as he is on his way to your house. Our delivery style is always friendly, quick and discreet, and we always clean up after ourselves. This season, give us a try, and you’ll see why you should trust the Woodchuck for all of your firewood needs.



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