Here at Woodchuck Delivery, we believe in providing all of our customers with the highest quality firewood possible for whatever your needs may be. Our firewood is used for a range of purposes, from cooking to heating your fireplace. Not everyone, though, is a natural born Woodchuck. So here are a few basic answers to our most commonly asked questions. Follow this list and you will be a qualified lumberjack in no time.

How Much Wood?

One of the first questions we are asked by a lot of our customers is “How much wood…” Unless you are familiar with common lumber lingo, it can be a little difficult to follow a conversation with words like “rick” and “cord” being thrown around. So here is a brief lesson on typical wood measurements. Here at Woodchuck Delivery, we sell our wood by the face-cord. For example, a quarter cord will measure 4ft high by 4ft wide, a half cord will measure 4ft x 8ft and a full cord will be 4ft x 16ft. For our customers who are looking to commit to a little less, we also sell a custom 100lb bag of firewood, perfect for firepits and campfires. Whatever amount of wood you need, Woodchuck Delivery has you covered. Just let us know how much wood!

Seasoned Vs Green

There are two types of wood in the firewood business, seasoned wood and green wood. Choosing between the two will make a huge difference in the quality of your fire. Green firewood refers to freshly cut wood from trees that still hold a high amount of moisture content, meaning around or above 50%. Because there is so much water left in the wood, it makes it quite difficult to light as well as to keep the initial fire going. Green wood will also produce a lot of smoke when burned. Woodchuck Delivery specializes in selling quality, seasoned firewood. For firewood to be seasoned means that it has sat out in the elements for a number of months, through all different types of weather conditions. Primarily, seasoned wood has been exposed to both sun and wind which has allowed the wood to dry out naturally over an extended period of time. We like our wood to sit out for at least 6 months. Seasoned firewood has a moisture content of about 15-20% and will be lighter than green wood. If you were to knock two pieces of seasoned firewood together, they will make a hollow sound. Seasoned firewood is also preferred for its ability to catch easier and ultimately burn hotter than green wood. Proper moisture content is the key to a nice burn. If the wood is too dry, it will turn to ash quickly and you will need to add more logs to the fire. If it is too wet, it will barely catch at all. When sourcing our firewood, we make sure to only bring you wood with the correct amount of moisture, so that no matter your purpose, you are guaranteed a burn that will last and last.

Softwoods Vs Hardwoods

Many of us would like to think that if you were to go out into the woods, grab a couple of fallen branches and light match that you would have all the makings of a good fire. However, an old pro would tell you that not all firewood is created equal. There are certain qualities that make some woods better for burning than others due to their cellular structure. These woods can be placed into two basic categories: softwoods and hardwoods. Oak Tree texture MGD©Softwoods are called such because they are less dense and, by definition, not as hard as hardwoods. Softwoods are more resinous, burn easier and faster than hardwoods. This may sound nice on paper, but softwoods are not ideal for starting long lasting campfires or for heating one’s’ home. When measuring the thermal quality of wood, the standard unit is the BTU, or British Thermal Unit. Softwoods have a lower potential BTU, causing the wood to burn out to burn out quickly, producing a lot of ash and smoke. Some examples of softwoods are spruce, pine and juniper, all of which have needle shaped leaves.If you are going to use softwood, stick to using it as kindling to get your fire going. Next, let’s talk about hardwoods. Hardwoods have a higher BTU potential than softwoods, meaning that you will get more heat, for a longer period of time, from a cord of hardwood in comparison to a cord of softwood. Hardwoods are very dense, which allows it to burn longer than softwood. This type of firewood also creates a lot of coals without a ton of smoke or sparks, making it a perfect choice for woodburning stoves or fireplaces. These qualities also make hardwoods the ideal choice when cooking, producing a steady amount of heat over a long period of time. Some examples of popular hardwoods are oak, mesquite, hickory and pecan. Our most popular wood at Woodchuck Delivery is post oak, a hardwood that is ideal not only for starting fires but also for cooking. In fact, it is the preferred wood for the majority of our restaurant clientele. However, we are also able to acquire other specialty woods such as pecan, mesquite and hickory, among others. Please let us know your request specifically and we will try to meet your firewood needs.

Storing Your Firewood

Lastly, we want to address how to properly store your firewood so that it will remain in optimal burning condition. If you are placing your firewood directly onto the ground, try keeping it on a concrete slab or the pavement as constant contact with soil can contribute to quicker rot time. Ideally, you will want to keep your wood elevated off of the ground, and a great way to do this is by building or purchasing a firewood rack, which will also keep your wood neat and organized. If you plan on keeping your wood outdoors, consider throwing a tarp over it to protect it from wet weather. You could also store the wood indoors, either in a firewood shed or garage which will also keep unwanted moisture away. 12331819_1657690021151827_1626203233_n We invite you to explore our selection of firewood racks and covers, which come in all shapes and sizes. If you decide to order firewood and a rack together, we will even install your rack for you upon delivery. Whatever your firewood needs may be, Woodchuck Delivery has you covered! Give us a call if you have any questions about our products, services or just firewood in general. We are happy to help you! The Woodchuck Team  

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