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Different species of wood are best suited for different uses. Every type of wood has its own distinct qualities that will influence the flavor of whatever food you are cooking or will give off a different aroma and heat level in your fireplace.  At Woodchuck Delivery, we carry a variety of different wood species to fit your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of wood we can deliver to you.


Post Oak

Post Oak is a Woodchuck staple, and for good reason. Firewood from the Post Oak tree burns long and slow and produces very little soot, making it not only great for the fireplace, but for barbeque as well. A cord of Post Oak produces 27.9 million BTUs, making it the optimal choice for firewood in terms of heat. This hardwood is preferred by many of Texas’s pit masters, including Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ. This extremely versatile wood showcases your cook rather than covering it up, leaving behind a mild, smoky flavor. Post Oak will put virtually any red meat, as well as pork and fish, on a pedestal. Due to its longevity in the fireplace and classic flavor, Post Oak is sure to be a staple for fire enthusiasts and barbecuers alike. 


Pecan doesn’t burn quite as hot as other hardwoods, putting out 21.1 million BTUs per cord. It makes for a great fireplace or woodstove fire and gives off a sweeter aroma than Oak. Pecan’s ability to produce lasting coals with minimal ash make it a popular choice for cooking as well as burning. It gives off more flavor than most fruit woods, but is milder than Hickory. Many people prefer Pecan for white meat and poultry, but its flavor can stand up to beef as well. Pecan is a great choice for people who want to branch out from Oak, but don’t know where to start!


Hickory is very closely related to Pecan, but burns a little hotter, giving out 23.7 million BTUs per cord. It is an extremely dense wood, making it a reliable source for continuous heat. Due to its density, it takes up to a year or more to thoroughly season. Hickory is a popular choice for cooking and has a unique, bacon-like flavor. It works with virtually any meat, and even pairs well with cheeses. Due to its sometimes overpowering flavor, many pit masters suggest supplementing your Hickory with a milder wood to not obscure the flavors of your cook. When it comes to barbecue, Hickory is a top contender.   


Mesquite is a strong, flavorful wood that packs a punch. It burns hot and fast, with a cord providing 25.5 million BTUs. Since it provides so much heat, it is a good choice for an outdoor firepit or as a supplement to a campfire. Mesquite has more lignin, the polymer in wood that provides flavor, than  other cooking woods, giving it a more intense flavor and more smoke than Oak or Pecan. It is preferred for direct fire cooking, as its coals last a long time and burn hot. Because of its high temperature and powerful flavor, there can be a steeper learning curve when smoking with Mesquite. When starting out, it’s best to supplement your fire with mesquite towards the end to give some flavor without overbearing the meat. Once you’re confident, smoking with Mesquite can pay off, as Austin’s Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ can testify to. If you’re looking to add some heat to your fire, Mesquite is the way to go.


Pinion, also spelled pinyon or piñon, comes from the Pinyon Pines of New Mexico. Not only do these trees produce pine nuts, but they provide fantastic firewood as well. Pinion is sometimes called the “hardwood of softwoods”, as it is more dense and burns hotter and longer than other softwoods. The natural oils in the wood give off an aromatic piney scent that not only smells great, but repels mosquitoes! Pinion looks beautiful in an indoor firewood rack and even gives off some of its scent without being burned. Although Pinion is perfect for a fireplace or fire pit, the resin in the wood makes it unsuitable for cooking.


Apple is a very hot, slow burning wood. It gives off an impressive 26.5 million BTUs per cord. Due to its density, it can be difficult to start burning, so it is advisable to use plenty of kindling or to add Apple to an already established fire. When used in a fireplace, Apple gives off a sweet aroma and produces a bed of slow burning coals to keep the fire going. Apple provides a sweet, mild flavor when used for cooking and is extremely popular for smoking pork, poultry and lamb. Its delicate flavors don’t quite hold up to the intensity of red meat on its own, but works extremely well as a blend with Oak or Mesquite. Apple is a versatile wood that will add a sweet heat to your home or cook.

In the end, there is no such thing as the perfect wood. It is completely up to you and your own personal preferences. Whatever your needs may be, it is the Woodchuck Delivery guarantee to bring the wood of your choice straight to your doorstep. Whether you want post oak, or something a little more special, just let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.


The Woodchuck Team