To us, there is nothing better than the robust smell of wood burning, the soothing sound of the wood crackling in the flames and the joy that it brings to everyone around. How do you get a fire like this? What can you use to kindle a fire? We are here to give you a list of fire starters to use along with our premium seasoned oak, mesquite, pecan and hickory.


You can find a myriad of fire starters both in store or online. These range from fire starting logs, squares, pellets, nuggets and flame sticks. These are all great options and work very well. They will have your fire roaring. There are also a lot of at home items you can use to create some DIY fire starters. They work just as well plus you’re recycling things around your home. It’s a win-win. Below are some of the top DIY fire starters we have found and we just had to share with you!


Twine & Table

Twin & Table provides great directions for creating a fire starter using egg cartons, yarn, wax and lint. Fill each space in the egg carton with lint and top with melted wax. Let it set. Once it is set, you can cut the individual egg holder and tie each one with yarn. Voila! A dozen fire starters! Place the fire starter amongst your logs and set flam to the yarn, then let it do its magic.



Buzzfeed has two additional options for DIY fire starters. One uses matches and one uses cotton balls. Wrap a regular household match in half a piece of toilet paper and dip in melted wax. After it sets, scrape the wax off of the tip of the match. Strike and add to your firewood. You can make tons of these at one time. This makes it easy to make a set for winter use. The cotton ball option is also great. Soak cotton balls in Isopropyl Alcohol then squeeze out the excess. Then coat each cotton ball in petroleum jelly. Store these in a safe container until you’re ready to use them. Put the cotton ball within the firewood and light, then you’re ready to have s’mores!


Sadie Seasongoods

Did you know you can use toilet paper rolls for something other than kid crafts? This toilet paper roll fire starter is super simple! All you will need is a toilet paper roll, dryer lint and wax paper. Fill the toilet paper roll with the dryer lint and wrap it in the wax paper. Make sure to leave ends on the wax paper. It should look like a wrapped peppermint. This way, you can light one of the ends and throw it into the fire pit or place. These are items that everyone has in their house already so it is basically free!


Jenni Kayne

If you are looking for a fire starter with more aroma, this one is for you. You’ll need cinnamon sticks, rosemary, bay leaves, soy wax, essential oils, dried spices and cotton string. Fill a muffin pan with cupcake holders. Add the herbs and spices in the cupcake holders and pour over the soy wax scented with your essential oils. Finally add your cotton string as a wick and let it all set. This fire starter will not only get the flames going but also smell amazing!


Six Dollar Family

Another great aromatic fire starter. All you will need is an orange peel. Easy! Peel your orange so you are left with a spiral peel. Let it dry out in a warm area. Using an oven or dehydrator is not recommended. These techniques will remove the oil from the peel which you need for both lighting and aroma. Put the dried out peel in your wood pile and light the tip. It will take care of the rest.


Something Turquoise

These pine cone fire starters are too cute. They’re effective and make great fall and winter party favors! All you will need is wax, pine cones and wired candle wicking. Weave the wired candlewicking throughout the pine cone tying it at the top. Dip the pine cone in wax and let it set. It’s that easy. If you’re using them for party favors, you make want to dye the wax or add a fragrance that compliments your party theme. Your guests will love taking home such a personal gift for their fireplace.



Last but not least, the perfect way to recycle all of those coffee grounds and filters. Fill an egg carton with used coffee grounds and filters then add a match to the center of each carton space. Pour melted wax on top and let it set. A nice green way to get your fire started. The coffee smell is an added bonus!


All of these DIY fire starters are excellent ways to get your fires roaring. The steps are easy to follow and it won’t take you any time at all to get them made. Be sure to click on the links for more detailed steps to build your fire starter stash. You could stock up for the winter time, camping, and fire pit use. You can even use the non aromatic ones for your grill. Give them a try and let us know which one is your favorite!

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