Wood in the Summer?

We know Texas seems to be the hottest place on earth during the summer but there are still plenty of ways to use firewood during this time! You may not think about it, but firewood can help make some of your favorite summer memories. The smell, the s’mores, and the gatherings, all a huge part of a Texas summer. This is one of the many reasons we are so passionate about what we do.

Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

To us there is nothing better than a Texas night with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Something so small can really bring people together. Imagine this:the smell of wood burning, s’mores melting in your hands, and sitting in the greatness that is the Texas outdoors. For us, it is calming and the perfect place for summer memories. A crackling fire and country melodies bring out the best in everyone and help take us away from our everyday struggles.  And if there is a pool near by, what better way to warm up and wind down after you decide swim time is over.

Smoking Meats

Texans love barbecue. Period. It smells just as amazing as it tastes. While it is delicious all year ‘round, it is one of our favorite summertime meals. Prepping your firewood and smoker to cook your dinner all day long is another fun summer activity. It is a great opportunity to pass down generations of cooking secrets to your children and grandchildren. One secret being the type of wood you use. We have four different types of firewood for you to choose from.

Post Oak: The hill country hero.

With this wood you will be able to get that great smoky flavor while letting the protein be the star. It will also mix well with your secret rub and barbecue sauce concoction. People love how versatile post oak is. It pairs well with any type of meat or veggie. It is also readily available in Texas, making it quite popular.

Pecan: The sweet one of the bunch

If you love honey barbecue sauces and sweet rubs, this one is for you. Pecan smoke has a light sweet flavor, perfect for chicken or fish, but stands up very well even to gamier meats or beef. It’s not quite as sweet as fruit wood but not quite as smoky as mesquite or hickory. Pecan is the perfect middle of the road smoking flavor. Whether you want sweet and spicy or just sweet, you are guaranteed a delicious smoked meat with pecan.

Mesquite: More for mixin’

Mesquite smoke tends to be really strong and can over power your meat if smoking all day. It is really best for grilling. Great way to get a quick smoke flavor on your grilled meats instead of infusing the strong flavor it has directly into your cooking. However, if you wanted to throw in a piece or two with your pecan or post oak to add a hint of smokier flavor, that would be perfect!

Hickory: Another Texas favorite.

When you are shopping for sauces, you know a little part of you is always drawn to that “hickory smoke BBQ sauce.” It has that great rich flavor that everyone seems to love. Hints of sweet and bacon make it very unique and versatile. You can use it with any type of meat. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Too much hickory smoke can leave a bitter flavor on your meat so make sure you aren’t smoking for too long.  Hickory mixes well with both sweet and spicy flavors and seems to kick the flavors up a notch. We believe that is why it is one of the Texas favorites.

Grilling Out

Another fan favorite for your gatherings. Everyone loves that distinct grill smell. There’s nothing like the smell of smoke coming off a hot grill letting you know that a fantastic meal is on its way. Guests will instinctively gather around the pitmaster, watching in awe as he prepares the evenings banquet. They will reminisce, sing and laugh all under the backdrop of a backyard barbecue, with wood fired food on their plates. Whether it’s fajitas or hot dogs, the grill adds something special to your meal every time you fire it up. There are so many different recipes to try,and summertime is the perfect time to put new ideas to the test. Grilling with firewood will add a special touch to any recipe you want to explore this summer.


Camping by the lake is a Texas favorite! Fishing, tubing, and  music are all you need to create the atmosphere for the perfect weekend getaway. And, of course, don’t forget the firewood! Use it to cook your catch of the day, get a bonfire going to roast up a batch of  s’mores, or just sit around the flames, bust out the guitar and sing your favorite campfire songs.. This is where memories are made.


Another way to use your excess wood is to chip it up for mulch! What a great way to reuse something AND help your garden. Hardwood mulch is perfect for flower beds because it helps retain moisture, suppress weeds and enhance the color of your flowers, even in the scorching Texas heat. It breaks down to alkaline which is perfect for those plants that need acid. Hardwood mulch is also great for tree beds for the same reasons. Putting mulch in the flower bed is a GREAT task for kids and grandkids. It incorporates the two things kids love: being outside and getting dirty. I know many of our summer memories include helping our mom and grandma in the flower bed. Nothing was better than sinking my hands in the mulch and soil with the Texas sun painting us a picture as it set. These are memories that last a lifetime.


Don’t put off ordering firewood until next winter. Place an order today so you can start building these memories with your family and friends.

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